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Meet Elaine

Posted on March 28th, 2019

Meet Elaine;

Our lovely Elaine works on the diamond side of the Drakes store, we recently sat down with her to ask a few questions to help you get to know her a bit better.

How long have you worked at Drakes?

‘18 years, I started here back in 2001.’

What has made you stay at Drakes so long?

‘The people that I’ve worked with for a long time, it’s great to be part of such a lovely team and work for a family business. I also love the interaction with the customers, especially when it comes to special occasions. I love speaking to couples when they come in to purchase their wedding rings and hearing all about their plans, or when someone comes in to buy an engagement ring, I love to hear how they are planning to propose.’

What made you want to work in a jewellers?

‘I’ve always worked in customer service and at the time I was looking for a new challenge. When I saw the job advert I thought that it would be lovely to work in a jewellers.’

What is your favourite thing about working in Drakes?

‘All the diamonds of course! I love all the special occasions that come with working in Drakes as well; anniversaries, weddings, engagements, birthdays. I love that we get to play a part in the celebrations.’

Do you have a favourite memory from working at Drakes?

‘I think my favourite memory since working here must be when a couple came in to pick their engagement ring together. He had already proposed to her, but he did it using a bit of lace that his grandmother had crocheted. It has always just stuck with me as it was so lovely to help them pick the engagement ring together and, I thought it was lovely that the lady was able to keep the beautiful piece of lace as well.’

What is your top tip to buying the perfect wedding ring?

‘I think my top tip would be not to make buying your wedding rings the last thing you do, so that you have enough of your budget to buy the rings you really want. You will wear your wedding ring your whole life and it’ll be a lasting reminder of your special day, so I think its so important that couples can get the rings they really love.’

What are your current favourite products in store?

‘I love all the desire diamonds that we have in store, I think it’s great that they have all been picked by Andrew Hirshman and then we’ve had them set, I think it makes them special. I really love the style of this desire ring, especially the shoulders.'

'Drakes ran a competition where staff could have their designs made into a piece of jewellery that would be sold in store. Kelsey created this gorgeous ring and named it XOXO Hugs and Kisses. I love that the name really means something and the beautiful design. It’s another one of my favourite pieces.’

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What do you like to do in your spare time?

‘I enjoy doing sewing and craft things as well as gardening and going for walks with my husband. We especially like walking at the beach.’

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.

‘I started off my working life as a seamstress and used to work in a men’s clothing factory.’

Elaine would love for you to pop in to Drakes to say hi where she will be on hand to help you with your diamond needs.