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Posted on August 21st, 2018

You might remember, back in June we gave you the opportunity to “Win your own Jewellery Design” by submitting your sketches and your stories. We absolutely loved reading all your entries and seeing the pieces you’d love to wear, it was so hard to pick just one winner.

Our lucky winner was Gillian Wooldridge with her Family Tree bangle idea.


Competition Winner, Family Tree Bangle, Bangle Jewellery



“I have a love affair with trees so I would love a piece of jewellery inspired by them. The other element to the design is 5 gem knots spaced around the bangle which are the birthstones of myself (April), my husband (December), two sons (January and July) and stepdaughter (September) thus symbolling my family tree”.

We loved the concept of the family tree and how lovely it would be to own a piece of jewellery you can continue to add and develop as your family grows. It makes such a wonderful family heirloom to wear and treasure for many years to come.

After winning, Gillian met with our Drakes Jewellery Hospital team to develop her idea before creation could begin.

The gorgeous bangle design was made from 9ct rose gold with the bark effect hand engraved at our workshop. Each of the birthstones of her family were set to look like knots in trees in keeping with Gillian’s love of trees. A beautiful sentimental piece she can wear, celebrating her family.



There were a few approaches we could have used when making the bangle but our Drakes Jewellery Hospital decided on designing the overall shape using CAD. Then they had a base design model printed (pictured above left) and then cast. This method limited the amount of wasted material making it more sustainable. Each of the birthstones for Gillian’s family were hand selected by our team to add a more personal touch. It was decided that the bark would not be engraved on the inside of the bangle as it would be too rough against the skin so instead it was satin finished and left to appear as wood grain.



We loved creating this bangle, especially engraving the bark onto the bangle. Most of the things we make are symmetrical so to work against this in an asymmetrical way was a new challenge but only aided the organic feel Gillian wanted with the bangle.
We hope you enjoy wearing your sentimental bangle Gillian!



If you’d like to have something completely bespoke made, please contact Kim or Rachel on 01752 973128 or 07552 219823 to discuss your ideas. We look forward to hearing from you.